Films About Casino

Films About Casino

No matter what the feds or the papers might have said about my car-bombing, it was amateur night – and you could tell. But what they didn’t know – what nobody outside the factory knew – was that that model car was made with a metal plate under the driver’s seat. The bombing was never authorized, but I suspect I know who lit the fuse, and so did the powers that be.

films about casino

Four Dogs Playing Poker (Hoffman, Salinger, & Rachman, 1999) is a violent movie about art theft that uses poker as a metaphor for the intrigues of the plot. In Stealing Harvard , the financial salvation of the story comes from gambling. Pay It Forward (Abrams, Levy, Reuther, & Leder, 2000) is a movie about a boy who tries to make the world a better place with random acts of kindness.


After watching these five movies, you’ll be motivated to start your gambling journey. If you realize that you have a gambling problem, it’s always important to seek help. One of the most famous gambling movies in the world is Casino Royale. It follows the exploits of James Bond as he tries to defeat a popular financier of terrorist groups.

  • However, in Rounders, Casino, and The Cooler the cheaters are caught and dealt with rather harshly.
  • The glitz, glamour, gambling arena everything has been captured rightly in some of the epic casino movies.
  • Those who are not aware of this gaming arena get to learn through the casino-based movies.
  • Everything changes when his best friend Lester Murphy, a.k.a. Worm is released from prison and soon finds out that he’s got a huge debt to pay to his enemies.
  • Owning Mahowny may not be as famous as some other names on this list but it is one of the personal favorites.

It follows a mishap-filled story of Doug and his 3 friends – Alan , Stu , and Phil . The odd crew decides, 2 days before Doug’s wedding, to make a trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. The push-and-pull between the couple continues until Lester (a friend of McDermott’s) comes out of the slammer and is required to pay off an old debt owed to the KGB.

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A documentary focusing on why one of America’s oldest games has had a renaissance in the past few years and why, for so many, poker is the way to chase the American Dream. Based on a true story of one of the biggest one-man bank frauds in Canadian history, this film follows the ups and downs of Dan Mahowny, Toronto bank worker. Even though Ocean and the team have laid out a highly detailed and elaborate plan, the heist faces plenty of turns and twists en route. Will the Ocean’s 11 make away with millions of dollars from the tycoon’s coffers? If you have 1hr 57min to spare, this is a casino heist movie that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Vegas is probably not the right place to go for your honeymoon, a subtle fact Jack Singer learns the hard way.

Gambling scenes and casinos have been used effectively in many popular movies in the past. In this film, this talent comes to the fore, as James Bond has to win a poker game at Montenegro in order to foil terrorists, represented by the ruthless Le Chiffre character. There is intense poker action coupled with all the richness one expects from a high roller casino environment; which is rated as one of the best ever. De Niro is set up to manage one of the mob’s casinos on the Strip, and has all style and class that is required for the role. Whilst, Joe Pesci is skilled in the art of being an enforcer and killer; known for his brutality and violence.

( Casino Royale (martin Campbell,

– Again, you can blame the movie 21 for this, although we’ve seen it in many movies and TV shows. While you can refuse them service, you can’t beat them up (and counting cards isn’t against the law). Most security guards are honest, hardworking people with normal lives who aren’t looking to beat someone up every chance they get. – Movies like Casino show casinos being run as front organizations or behind bankrolled by the mob. While the mob did run some Las Vegas casinos in the past, modern casinos are nothing like the shady organizations depicted on television.

films about casino

This movie took in over USD$38 million in its opening weekend; and testimony to its global appeal has been the continued success of its sequels. In the movies in this theme, gambling often serves a symbolic purpose. For example, in the Looney Tunes movie, Las Vegas is used as an allusion to the glamorous life of the international spy as depicted in James Bond films. In many of these films, the image of gambling is used to glamorize the film. The patrons are shown as well-dressed, affluent, and having fun.

Fever Pitch is the story of a pathological gambler who goes on a spree and wins back the money he lost. calls these sorts of films irresponsible because they encourage gamblers to hope to win. Several movies have included characters who have a problem or who develop a gambling problem during the movie. The Flintstones inViva Rock Vegas, Vegas Vacation, and Lost in America show gambling problems developing rapidly. In most cases, no explanation of the development of the problem is given whatsoever. In Owning Mahowny, we see the experiences, temptations, and thoughts that explain Dan Mahowny’s (Philip Hoffman’s) gradual slide into greater and greater levels of embezzlement.

In The Mask (Engelman & Russell, 1994), gangsters run Edge City’s hottest nightspot and casino, the Coco Bongo nightclub. In The Dinner Rush (DiGiaimo, Greaney, & Giraldi, 2000), the owner of a restaurant is threatened by the Mafia over his son’s gambling debts. Rat Race (Daniel, Zucker, & Zucker, 2001) depicts a race staged by a casino owner to give his high rollers something unique to bet on.

It features Ryan Reynolds who plays as Curtis, a backslapping character that befriends Gerry, played by Ben Mendelsohn, a troubled poker lover. Their payments are trusted by best of the gamblers, so there’s nothing move-like in it. This is one of the most recent top gambling films that you will want to add to your watching list. The professor who is addicted to gambling gets into debt with an infamous loan shark and a gambling ring.

The Top Three Casino Films Of All Time

That goes double for Native American casinos, which are highly regulated and codified. Profits from Native American casinos are used to fund social programs, education, and are often reinvested in the community. BRWC is short for battleroyalewithcheese, which is a blog about films. Go for the unexpected plot twists, classy style, and – all in all – the best of what the movies of the late ’90s can offer. All ratings and reviews are made independently of the operator by our team of gaming experts and with every company being fully licensed to operate in the US they can be trusted to offer fair play. We accept compensation from the companies advertised on this page and this may affect the brand positioning.

Curiously, the original version of Ocean’s Eleven , filmed in the heyday of mob-run gambling, did not depict the casino owners as criminals. But in the recent remake of Ocean’s Eleven (Weintraub & Soderbergh, 2001) and its sequel, Ocean’s Twelve (Weintraub & Soderbergh, 2004), the casino boss is portrayed as a ruthless gangster. In The Gambler and Dinner Rush (DiGiaimo, Greaney & Giraldi, 2000), another character encourages the pathological gambler to seek treatment, but nothing more.